Celebrating Creativity at the IB Art Exhibition

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Celebrating Creativity at the IB Art Exhibition

This week, the Belle Époque art room at LAS has been filled with vibrant colors, fantastic designs, and a creative atmosphere as the grade 12 students in the IB Visual Art program showcased their projects in the annual IB Art Exhibition. This event, a culmination of months of hard work and dedication, provided a platform for these talented artists to exhibit and celebrate their creations with the LAS community!

The exhibition was not only an opportunity for the student artists to display their artwork but also a crucial component of their IB Visual Art course assessment. The support and engagement of the audience played a vital role in this assessment, highlighting the importance of community involvement in developing artistic talent! Through the IB Visual Art program, students are challenged to delve deep into their creative processes, develop their artistic vision, and produce cohesive bodies of work that reflect their unique perspectives and talents. The program includes both Higher-Level (HL) and Standard-Level (SL) courses, requiring students to produce a number of finished pieces that reflect their theme.

Fostering creativity and artistic expression is an important element of the LAS curriculum and culture. LAS provides a rich and supportive arts program for students of all artistic interests and backgrounds. Our arts program and facilities guide student talent and provide the resources students need to pursue their creative passions. We encourage our students to express themselves creatively, and the arts open up a world of possibilities in which they can unleash their creative potential!

Congratulations to all the students who participated in the IB Art Exhibition! Visitors had the opportunity to engage with the students, learn about their inspirations and techniques, and gain a deeper understanding of the artistic process. The event was a great way for the LAS community to celebrate the hard work and dedication of our budding artists!

See a video recap of the IB Art Exhibition here!


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