Alumnus Feature - Jordan Whitaker '08

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Alumnus Feature - Jordan Whitaker '08

Jordan Whitaker former LAS student

Jordan Whitaker ’08, his sister (Ginger ’02), and his father (Eric) are long-time members of the LAS family. Jordan recently spoke to our Savoy and Esplanade boys about his experience on the front line of one of the fastest-growing entertainment trends in the world—electronic sports, or “Esports.” Our students could not have been more excited! Jordan is the Head Coach for the first public institution in Virginia to offer an Esports program, the Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA). 

After earning his Master’s in Public Policy, Jordan served as a consultant for Deloitte, focusing on federal and military supply chain risk management. During his time with Deloitte, however, Jordan decided to hit the “pause” button on his career to pursue his passion for competitive video gaming. “It is a really different field and experience, but I get to be a part of a rapidly-growing scene and guide our players and teams to wins against NCAA Division I schools! How cool is that?!” 

As a player, Jordan ranked among the top 0.65% in North America in his favorite game, League of Legends. Now, Jordan guides a program receiving national accolades, including having a Rocket League team in the top 5 rankings of all colleges and universities in the US, and having a National Championship title in the National Junior College Athletic Association for another gaming title, Valorant. “I get to take my professional training and help younger folks compete at absurdly high levels, and even go on to win thousands of dollars in tournaments and receive large scholarships in their next college or university. The Esports scene is the next big thing in sports and entertainment, so I consider myself very lucky to be a part of it.”

When not improving his own rank or coaching his teams, Jordan is either exercising, martial arts training, or cuddling with his two orange cats, Rameses and Napoleon. 

For a profile on Jordan and a fun questionnaire, check out this feature from NOVA.




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