Alpine Institute Staff Train for Upcoming Student Adventures

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Alpine Institute Staff Train for Upcoming Student Adventures

How do our teachers prepare each year to lead the large variety of outdoor trips that are offered at LAS? We go to the mountains of course! Last week our Alpine Institute teachers climbed the local Skyline peak, the Dents de Morcles 2969m, and practiced route planning, alpine techniques, and safety protocols. 

The Alpine Institute offers trips every weekend to accompany students of all levels of experience. For some of our students, this will be the first time they try rock climbing, hiking, camping, or visit a Swiss mountain hut. Other students have been practicing these skills for years and graduate from LAS not only with an academic education but also with valuable skills in leadership, teamwork, navigation, rope management, and avalanche awareness. In collaboration with Guides Alpes Vaudoises we ensure that each student is safe and challenged to reach their peak goals. Many LAS students go on to have incredible mountain careers! For example, you can read about Finn Hovem (class of 2010) and his path towards a career as a mountain guide in the most recent edition of Panorama magazine here.

What does it feel like to work as a team and take on a challenge? It feels great! Encourage your child to try something new and to challenge themself this year in the alps. Please feel free to email Andie Flett, Director of the Alpine Institute ( for any more information on our Alpine Institute program. 

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