A celebration of Self- Directed Learning

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A celebration of Self- Directed Learning

Middle School 3D Design Class Event

Students in the Middle School 3-D Design class came together this week in an event their teacher, Mr. Tihen, described as "a celebration of self- directed learning." During this course, this hardworking group of students has taken charge of their own learning, designing 3-D printed models of sailboats and devising advertising strategies. They began with simple prototypes and marketing ideas and, with research and group collaboration, slowly built towards more complex models and business plans. 

All of this hard work culminated in Shark Tank- an hour-long event in which students pitched their designs to an audience of 35 "investors", each equipped with 1,700,000 in play money. In order to sway investors to place their trust (and funds) in their design, students' business pitches had to excel in five fields. 

Our Middle School students met the challenges of the day with enthusiasm and their projects didn't fail to impress! They came together with thoughtful, articulate presentations, well- researched and designed 3-D models, clever brochures, company names, and backstories, all while implementing a number of strategies used by real engineers. 

In the words of a student, the Shark Tank Assignment teaches participants about "teamwork, communication with each other, how to program, and how to use a 3-D printer." It's also a testament to the value of self- regulated learning, and just how much students can accomplish when they are motivated by their own curiosity. 

Posted by Emily Gain on 09/02/18 

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