Mission & Vision


At Leysin American School we are dedicated to “developing innovative, compassionate, and responsible citizens of the world.” We seek to educate the next generation of passionate thinkers and leaders by providing a supportive family environment and following a guiding set of values and principles that set the highest standards for our efforts.

Ski Day at Leysin American School in Switzerland


Leysin American School is committed to supporting the future leaders of the world by providing an education with impact through:

  • Developing the Whole Child through individualized education & experiential programs
  • Shaping transformative leaders through Innovation, Creativity, & Entrepreneurship (ICE)
  • Embracing a diverse Global Family


Students first. 

Recognizing our responsibility to prepare our students for university, careers, and life, we have based our organization, programs, and policies on fulfilling every student's needs.

Teachers are key.

Our faculty plays a key role in creating a far-reaching education for our students- one that extends beyond the classroom to include social, moral, and emotional growth. 

Leadership Through inspiration.  

As educators, we know that inspired students are motivated students. For that reason, faculty and administrators work to provide inspired leadership to every student at LAS.

Management with Purpose.

Thoughtful and consistent management practices provide the framework through which our educational goals can be achieved. 

Systems for support. 

Supporting systems and programs collectively advance the mission and goals of the school. 

Continuous Improvement. 

To promote an evolving environment of academic excellence and personal growth, LAS seeks to make the newest technologies and most innovative tools available for our students. 

Guiding Principles

Academic challenge.

LAS offers students an academically challenging setting, based on realistic goals, to prepare them for university study. To meet this challenge, students are expected to master the skills necessary to become lifelong learners. Non-native English speakers can expect a supportive classroom environment that enhances the mastery of English communication skills. 

Community Harmony.

LAS is committed to maintaining a stable, caring, supportive, family-like environment. Students receive guidance through daily interaction with live- in faculty who provide an in loco parentis presence while serving as role models. 

Balanced Program. 

LAS offers a balanced program of study, sports, recreation, and cultural travel to promote the well-rounded education of our students. 

International understanding. 

LAS promotes a living and learning environment where students can mature into model "citizens of the world," actively engaged in promoting principles defined by the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights. 

Partnership with parents

LAS believes that the involvement of parents is integral to the success of our students. Through school-based initiatives that encourage long-distance parenting, LAS parents can connect as partners in our educational process.