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We are extremely passionate about our global community and the education we provide our students with—but don't just take our word for it. Our student population is incredibly diverse—each learner at our school has different strengths and goals, and we look to explore and grow their interests as much as possible. Here is what some of them have to say about their time at LAS.



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Antonio C, Grade 12, Mexico

“I play the piano and I have quite a bit of experience with music and I love it. When we get to music class we look at theory, theory, theory, so it’s quite challenging! I’ve never done that. It takes more listening skills.”

Louis Bariselle '18, United States

“We all get along—everyone in the dorm—and the dorm head is always acting like a parent to us; it’s always nice, you know, just in case something happens or I want to talk with someone.”

Denis, Russia

"I like how you have to pack your own bags, take care of your own room, make your bed, and control your own budget. Leysin is a small town but there are a lot of things to do. I always feel safe walking around, even at night."

Anna, Andorra

“Being involved in sports and not just academics helps me to concentrate, and whenever I go back to my studies I’m more productive—in less time I do more. It also helps me organize myself better.”

Tereza, United States

“I really like that we have the freedom to do our own thing and be treated like adults. It’s also really fun living with people from different cultures. My roommate is a Brazilian girl and she’s super nice. It’s cool to hear her talk to her parents in Portuguese. I like to have my friends over in my room, we’re always doing stuff like dance parties!”

Manuela, Brazil

“I like living in Beau Site because of all the girls—they’re really nice, they’re respectful to each other. My roommate is wonderful—she’s nice and well organized and really respects my space—I think that’s important.”

Prinyaporn, Thailand

"I have been in Middle School for two years now. The cultural trips are always very fun. In Grindelwald we went up the télécabine, followed by mountain carting, and scooting—something I have never done before."

Laura, Zimbabwe

"[Music class] teaches you to be responsible and you really learn things. We have Garage Band where you compose your own music using loops from the program. So you can have piano and guitar and then you mash them up and make your own song. The class is really fun, I love it!"

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