LAS Educational Research

LAS Educational Research (LASER) provides an opportunity for LAS faculty members to advance professionally through program development, research, and reflection. LASER also welcomes academics and innovators from around the world to collaborate with LAS faculty members, pushing all of us to continually improve.

Our Scholar Programs


Resident Scholars

Each year, LASER solicits proposals in curriculum, instruction, assessment and other areas. The eight faculty members with successful proposals are supported through the academic year by each other and LASER. Projects are presented internally and, when appropriate, shared with the wider international school community through blogs, articles, and presentations. Since its inception in 2014, over 60 projects by 47 individual teachers (some teachers have completed two or more projects) have contributed to the professionalism of the faculty at LAS.

Visiting Scholars

Since 2014, LASER has hosted 80 stays by visiting scholars on the LAS campus. Researchers, professors, teachers, entrepreneurs, authors, and artists have come from over 15 countries, staying from a few days to several weeks. Many visiting scholars have returned for additional stays. LAS faculty members learn from interacting with these professional educators. The entire community, teachers and students alike, benefit from class visits, special instruction, presentations, and the unique perspectives they bring. LAS faculty often co-write or co-present with visiting scholars, sometimes establishing lifelong professional relationships and friendships.


LASER regularly publishes in school magazines, scholarly journals, and books. In addition, in-house papers are included in our publications section. If you are interested in a particular publication or topic, please contact us.

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LASER Podcast

Be sure to also check out the LAS Educational Research team's podcast, where we sit down to chat with Resident and Visiting Scholars to learn more about their research, advances in education, and more!