global demand

for international education

International education equips students not only with a strong academic program but with many skills that they will use throughout their life. As the global community grows and our futures become increasingly connected, students who possess an international education are in a position to become the leaders of tomorrow. Consequently there is a demand for the type of education that LAS has developed over the last 50 years.

Every year, Leysin American School in Switzerland receives more requests to collaborate on school ventures around the world to create new schools or programs that will help students benefit from the value-driven education established over many years.

These include a strong understanding of global issues, an excellent education and university preparation and personal maturity gained through experiences that gives them the confidence in all future activities. The success of LAS students and alumni around the world and the positive feedback from parents, has shown that our blend of education and values is the most important attribute of our learning environment. This is why we have decided to establish an consultancy department at Leysin American School, sharing our expert knowledge and experience with partners who want to participate in building the future.

LAS Consultancy provides advice and planning on how to set up new schools or develop programs in existing schools, using the LAS model as the blueprint. It requires a strong belief in the long-term development of students and an adherence to the international education from the owner providing many rewards.

consultancy process

LAS Consultancy will work with existing schools or new schools to develop an international curriculum or school based on the values that are at the heart of Leysin American School in Switzerland.

  • Academic Challenge
  • Community Harmony
  • Balanced Program
  • International Understanding
  • Partnership with Parents

LAS Consultancy offers a range of services at different stages of the process. To start the collaboration and discussion in strictest confidence contact us directly.

Consultancy Process
Steven Ott - Leysin American School

Established and led by:
Dr Steven Ott, 
Chairman Of Leysin American School

Dr. K. Steven Ott, Phd Stanford University,  was Executive Director of LAS from 1982 to 2009. Previously he had worked in the environmental services industry in the Middle East and both taught and served as an administrator at LAS and the American College of Switzerland. Dr. Ott spearheaded thirty years of growth and expansion at LAS. Presently he coordinates aspects of long-range planning as well as serving as Chairman of the Board.