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Welcome to Leysin American School in Switzerland

At the core of Leysin American School is a guiding set of principles and beliefs that set the highest standards for our efforts every day.

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LAS aims to provide students with all the essential skills they need to become well-rounded, team-oriented, effective leaders. Leadership roles are available in a variety of clubs and programs so that every member of the student body has an opportunity to take on a position of responsibility, regardless of their interests.

Student Council

Student Council is a student-run organization that serves as a voice for the LAS student community. StuCo maintains a channel of communication between the student body and the school's administration, inviting student feedback on various school-related topics and communicating with the administration on behalf of their peers. StuCo invites students to be bold, practice effective teamwork dynamics, and actively work to shape community life and make their time at LAS unforgettable. 

Leadership Program

The LAS Fred Ott Leadership Program was launched to give students the means to hone their leadership skills and give back to the communities in which they live- their dorms, school, and the world beyond. Student leaders selected for the Fred Ott Leadership Program fall into three groups - Prefects, Student Ambassadors, and Senior Proctors. These school leaders are chosen at the beginning of the school year through a formal recruitment process and actively contribute to the betterment of LAS life. 

International Award

LAS Alpine Club assists students who are interested in pursuing the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award, the world's leading youth achievement award. This award invites young go-getters to set goals and pursue different service-oriented, skill-building, and adventure-filled activities. Students who excel in their pursuit of the International Award are able to earn Bronze, Silver, or Gold awards- accomplishments that are looked on favorably by universities. The process of earning this award also teaches students the value in setting personal objectives and becoming more well-rounded, passionate, and driven citizens of the world. 



Leysin American School seeks to create an engaging learning environment that promotes inquisitiveness, excitement, and inspiration in students and staff alike.

Diploma Years Academics

Diploma Years students can opt to take US High School Diploma or IB Diploma courses. The US High School Diploma program well-prepares students for postsecondary success while allowing them more time to pursue personal goals in and outside of the classroom. Students in this program also have the opportunity to earn IB certificates. This stream of study is ideal for students who are intellectually curious and excel in active learning. ESL students who need continued focus on language acquisition and are not ready to undertake the IB program continue with ESL courses within this stream and maintain a focus on content knowledge in core areas so they are ready for university studies following graduation.

University Advising

LAS provides students with a first-class education that prepares them for their future. We take pride not only in educating strong students but attracting the attention of strong universities. The LAS University Advising Office begins working with students in grade 10 and continues to provide them with active support throughout their schooling until graduation. In grade 10 students focus on developing a plan of action to lead them successfully through their final years of high school. Students will learn how to select academic classes, choose a course of study—IB, non-IB, or ESL—depending on their learning needs, and will begin participating in career exploration exercises.

Two Amazing Libraries

The LAS campus has two well-equipped libraries which serve as the primary spots for students and faculty to consult with qualified librarians, conduct research, listen to guest lectures, meet, work, and study. The Savoy Library serves students in grades 7 to 10 and has a spacious conference room, a lecture area, group study tables, and a children’s corner. The Belle Époque Library, opened in 2012, supports students in grades 11 and 12 and offers a reading room, a group study area, and comfortable furniture. Together the two libraries offer a combined total of 18,000 items including books, magazines, journals, newspapers, ebooks, DSLR cameras, HD video cameras, and more, so that students can feel well-supported in their academic, creative, or curiosity-driven endeavors.



Leysin provides the perfect setting for students to stay active, be creative, and embrace mountain living. Together students in our vibrant community are given the freedom and safety to explore, try out new activities, and find new interests.

A Home Away From Home

LAS takes great care in cultivating a stable, caring, and supportive family-like environment. At the heart of each of our dormitories is the philosophy that the more comfortable a student feels in their living environment, the more likely they will be to reach their full potential. For this reason, dormitories are fully-equipped with home-like amenities including a kitchen, common area, and fully furnished rooms where students can live and study comfortably. Additionally, each LAS dorm is home to several live-in faculty members called “dorm parents”—these staff members are available throughout the school year to ensure your child has access to consistent guidance, care, and support in case of an emergency. Students will also experience the LAS lifestyle alongside a roommate. Living with a roommate is a particularly valuable experience as it teaches students about new cultures, how to live respectfully and harmoniously with someone else, and most importantly it offers the potential of a lifelong friendship.

International Friendships

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After School Activities

Throughout the year students participate in an after-school activities program that provides opportunities for leadership experience, skill development, and community service. Activities take place Monday through Thursday, typically between 16:00 and 18:30. Students are required to select a minimum of two activities each term; students on sports teams fulfill these requirements by attending two weekly practices, but they have the option to take part in other activities as well. LAS offers a broad range of extracurriculars each term.



Ideally located in the heart of Europe, LAS strives to introduce students to natural, cultural, and historical wonders within Switzerland and abroad.


Travel plays a fundamental role in LAS's mission of developing young citizens of the world. Cultural trips occur twice during the school year - once during Fall term, and once during Spring term. These trips are immersive learning experiences in which students can connect with their their peers, discover cultures and traditions that are different from their own, and gain a more intricate understanding of the world and their place in it. 

Alpine Club

The Alpine Club offers excursions and activities designed to explore the natural world surrounding LAS. We offer mountaineering, rock climbing, mountain hiking, via ferratas, glacier hiking, bicycling, caving, tent camping, overnights at nearby mountain huts, and more. The Alpine Club encourages students to be active in the outdoors wherever they are, and in the Swiss mountains while they’re here. 

Skiing and Snowboarding

Every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon from January until March students are dismissed from class and invited to grab their skis or snowboards and head to the slopes. With over 100 kilometers of ski runs, a half- pipe and snow park, as well as many cross country ski trails, the slopes of Leysin cater to all skill levels. Lessons are provided by professionally trained Swiss Ski School instructors, and LAS provides an annual ski pass that allows unlimited access to the Leysin and regional slopes. 



LAS takes pride in broadening students' horizons and helping them to become more globally conscious and empathetic citizens. Our service opportunities highlight the importance of helping those in need both within the community of Leysin and beyond. 

National Honor Society

The National Honor Society is a US organization that was established to recognize outstanding high school students. The NHS celebrates those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, and character. At LAS, not only do we recognize students for their accomplishments, but we also challenge them to grow further through active involvement in school activities and community service.

Community Service Trips

Students may choose to go on a faculty-sponsored service trip over Spring Break. Past destinations have included community service trips to Romania, Zimbabwe, China, Thailand, and Nepal. 

Habitat for Humanity

LAS has been sponsoring annual trips with Habitat for Humanity since 1996. As an organization that is focused on building "strength, stability, and self- reliance through shelter," students' participation in this group teaches them about compassion, empathy, and setting up practical, purposeful steps to achieve their goals. Throughout the year, students who are involved in this club learn about Habitat for Humanity as an organization, develop an understanding of housing crises around the world, and learn how to fundraise, create compelling and informative presentations, and build. At the end of the year, students participate in a building project in a European country, spending three days on site and one day touring the region.



The LAS experience doesn’t have to come to an end when the summer begins—the summer of 2018 saw the launch of our two new and dynamic summer programs, LAS summer and LAS edge. We have been running summer programs since 1949 and our new programs combine all the tried and true elements of camp our students have come to know and love with some exciting, innovative changes.

LAS summer

The LAS summer program has been created for students who are 10-17 years old and want to design a summer experience that meets their personal goals and interests. Students are invited to pre-select from a wide variety of stimulating core morning programs—Language, Academic, or Sports—and afternoon clubs so that they can delve into their chosen subjects and develop their skills and knowledge throughout the session. Alongside the core programs and clubs, many activities and excursions occur regularly throughout the session to captivate all personalities and interests.

Evening Socials

No matter their program, Summer in Switzerland students will have the opportunity to participate in evening socials. Socials allow students to unwind and have fun after an action-packed day of programs and activities. Typical evening activities may include:

  • Talent Show

  • Monte Carlo Night

  • International Night

  • Dance Night

  • Student/Staff Sports Competitions

  • Quiz Night

  • Treasure Hunt

  • Bowling

LAS edge

LAS edge believes that energized minds are curious minds. By striking a balance between lessons and fun we aim to find the sweet spot where excited, curiosity-driven learning occurs. Edge is offered to students who are 13 and older, and encourages the development of leadership potential through a focus on LAS’s three core values—Innovation, Compassion, and Responsibility. This program dives into a variety of challenging topics that will be explored in depth through company visits, lectures by well known guest speakers, and dynamic activities designed to push students’ limits

LAS edge Program

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Get a glimpse at what life is like for a member of the LAS community! From our extraordinary educators, to the opportunities for international travel, to our diverse, tight-knit community, LAS offers a truly unique experience that has a lasting impact on the lives of students, alumni, and faculty alike.


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"LAS provides opportunities to learn about the world and the people in it with over 50 nationalities."

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