Would you like to spend your summer making friends from all over the world, learning a new language, singing in a musical, having fun in the adventure program or even making a rocket? Summer in Switzerland offers you the opportunity to do all of this and much more, including taking a trip to a major tourist destination such as Cinque Terre on the Italian Riviera and Barcelona, Spain.

Participating in our summer school program for two or three weeks offers a range of exciting activities and students from all over the world meet in a safe environment to share cultures and lifestyles in this summer of a lifetime. With many returning students and staff, the shared experiences and excursions with new friends will build bonds that last much longer than the summer and will give you a new way of looking at the world.

Here are some of the benefits of the SIS experience…

Improve your English

With classes and activities being taught in English, there’s no doubt you will improve your English language skills.

Making International Friends

Share a dorm room and be part of a faculty family with students from over 40 countries. You will definitely make some international friends here, perhaps even a new best friend.

Fun Activities and Sports

Each week you can choose from a variety of activities and sports to participate in.

Experience Something New

Summer is the time to experience something new! Try a new sport, practice a new art or discover a new culture.

Discover Leysin

Leysin is a village in the Swiss Alps with traditional Swiss wooden chalets and great sports facilities. Make sure you ride the historic cogtrain from Aigle to Leysin.

Excursions in Switzerland

Visit local and regional attractions and experience Swiss cultural heritage.

This may be your child’s first time away from home or they may have been a regular at summer camp for years. Either way, you need to feel confident that SIS is the right choice for your child…

Arrival & Departure

SIS staff will meet your child on arrival day at Geneva airport and bring them to campus. On departure day, they will also accompany your child to the airport to ensure safe departure

Caring Environment

Dorm rooms are shared so your child will never feel alone. There are also laundry facilities and a health center on campus with 24//7 supervision.


Your child will be supervised by staff with experience in boarding schools and summer camps. Students aged 7-11 are fully supervised at all times

Faculty Family

Composed of teachers with students of similar ages, the Faculty Family offers a chance to build trust in their SIS “family” in a new environment.

Personal Development

Your child will improve their English, have new experiences and gain confidence.

Application Process

Our online application is now available for efficient and fast service. (las.ch/summer/apply)

Alpine Adventure (AA) – Ages 7 – 11

Students are supported and safe in this fully supervised program and will learn, play and socialize together. From the moment they arrive, students in our AA program are fully engaged and do not have time to become homesick.

The scenic mountain environment provides an ideal location for this group of adventurers with morning classes focused on language, math and technology skills and Switzerland and its culture. Afternoon activities let students explore their creative sides with arts and crafts, sports, games and music, evenings are spent either in large group activities or in smaller Faculty Family socials.

Alpine Exploration (AE) Ages 12 -14

Young teenagers in this group explore and discover through morning classes, afternoon activities and evening socials. Morning classes can be chosen from a single or multiple streams and subjects offered are more in-depth and age-appropriate.

Boys and girls live in separate supervised dormitories and the campus is a short walk to Leysin’s town center with restaurants, shops, cinema, and sporting facilities.

Exploring Switzerland through excursions, they can also participate in a cultural trip, supervised by SIS Staff, to a European destination with their new SIS friends.

Alpine Challenge (AC) Ages 15-18

Alpine Challege students live at our beautiful Belle Époque Campus with dorm rooms for boys and girls in separate wings. As well as the classrooms it houses the  Grande Salle ballroom, The Cave student lounge, an art studio and a workout room.

Classes in the AC program are designed to challenge students’ thinking skills and stimulate curiosity and are chosen from one of three streams or they can select classes from different streams to provide a broader experience.

Exploring Switzerland through excursions, they can also participate in a cultural trip, supervised by SIS Staff, to a European destination with their new SIS friends.


Through immersion in either French or English, students improve their language skills and develop confidence speaking in a new language.

Arts & Creativity

We focus on fostering students imagination and creative skills through music, art, acting or photography. Students have various opportunities to explore and develop their artistic talents.

Academic Discovery

One advantage of SIS over other summer camps is that we offer a range of programs each morning that will help to develops a love of learning. Under the banner “Academic Discovery” students can choose from Math, Science and Liberal Arts subjects and are designed to intrigue and stimulate students in the chosen area.

  • Language
    • Beginner French
    • Intermediate/Advanced French
    • French Immersion
    • English as a Second Language (ESL)
  • Arts & Creativity
    • 2D and 3D Art
    • Guitar / Ukulele
    • Piano
    • Theater
    • Photography
  • Academic Discovery
    • Science Experiments
    • Math/Engineering Challenge
    • Visual Programming
    • Astronomy
    • Business Math
    • A Walk though Kickstarter
    • Everything is Negotiable
    • Superheros in Debate
    • What’s cool about my country
    • Global Leadership
    • Spies & Secret Operations

SIS offers a 2-week or a 3-week option for students.

Students will arrive on campus on the same dates with the two week students will depart with the SIS transport and monitors a week before.

The cultural trip is not available for students staying for two weeks but all other aspects of the program are identical to three week students.


2-Week Option

  • Session 1: June 24 – July 7
  • Session 2:  July 22 – August 4

3-Week Option

  • Session 1: June 24 – July 13
  • Session : July 22- August 9

3-Week Option with Cultural Trip

  • Session 1: June 24 – July 19
  • Session 2 : July 22 – August 15