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SGIS Conference at LAS!

On March 8th and 9th, SGIS will be holding their annual conference at Leysin American School. For more information on the event, please click here.

The main topic for the conference will be 'Many Languages, One School.' 

The following is a note from the SGIS Chair: 

The human ability to adapt and to acquire new languages, whether English, Mandarin or Swahili, is central to success in the modern world, and central to the existence and everyday function of all educational establishments, and international schools more than most. EFL, EAL, ESL, call it what you wish – this is an element of our schools that we must get right.
The challenges of differentiation, recognition of support needs through the fog of the language acquisition process, the dynamic modification of language and support programmes to meet evolving needs – these are the bread and butter of all our teachers. If our schools don’t provide the absolute best in these areas, we are failing both our staff and – most importantly – our students.
The SGIS conference 2013 brings together some of the top experts in the field of ESL. Our aim is to revisit these essential topics, to help teachers across the various curricula and ages we teach find out about the latest research in this area, to help them to hone their tools and skills, share best practice or even to re-tool with some of the many technological options now available as we learn to integrate our English support programmes ever more closely with the fabric of our schools.

Ilya Eigenbrot, SGIS Chair

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