Our residential way of life strives to educate students to be responsible, productive and ethical citizens with the skills to think creatively, reason critically, communicate effectively and maintain an attitude of respect toward people of other cultures.

our dormitories

Belle Époque Dormitory (Senior students)

Formerly the Grand Hotel, this recently renovated historical building is the jewel in the town of Leysin. The train station adjoining the building reflects the prestige and importance of what is now the dedicated campus for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme at LAS. Housing boys and girls in separate wings, the two-year programme is flourishing, partly because of its idyllic location and state-of-the art teaching facilities.

Savoy Dormitory (Boys Grades 10-11)

The Savoy Dormitory is located within the Savoy Campus. It is at the heart of the LAS academic experience for grades 7 – 10. In addition to academic classrooms, it houses a library, administrative offices, health and wellness counseling and nursing center, college counseling, dining hall, IT department and arts department. The gym, sports hall, theater and music rooms provide recreational, as well as academic opportunities. Also, all junior students taking classes at the Belle Époque campus live in Savoy (Boys) and Beau Site (Girls) Dormitories.

Vermont Dormitory (Girls Grades 7-9)

Purchased and opened in 2001, the Vermont is our most intimate dormitory house and is an extremely popular dorm. It houses the Travel Office and is connected to the gorgeously restored Vermont Chalet by an underground tunnel. In addition, the  lowerclassman lounge dubbed “The Fish Bowl” is located between the two structures. In ski season, the Fish Bowl plays a central role as a gathering point at the end of the day.

Eden Dormitory (Boys Grades 7-9)

Purchased by the school in 1992, Eden is the location for the Alpine Adventure program in the summer and is a dormitory during the academic year. The Eden features a beautiful, south-facing patio complete with a permanent barbeque, common area and a peaceful sense of privacy. The Eden dorm is located between the Vermont Complex and the Beau Site in the center of campus.

Beau Site Dormitory (Girls Grades 10-11)

Home to the Savoy Campus Math and Science classrooms, the Beau Site dormitory offers impressive views of the Alps and is only 100 meters from the Savoy Building.

pastoral care

Dormitories have several live-in faculty members who rotate supervisory nights and weekends throughout the year. Students know who is on duty each night so that in an emergency, the person on duty is the primary contact. Dormitory supervisors also rely on student prefects and ambassadors for assistance. These students must be familiar with apartment locations and contact numbers should an emergency arise.


Living with a roommate and away from home is a unique opportunity for a teenager. It provides ripe opportunities for sharing about one another’s cultures, personal histories, and forming wonderful bonds that can last a lifetime. It also can be challenging to learn how to share a space at this age. Differences between roommates are not uncommon when considering the various needs and habits that may present between two or more young adults. We work extensively with the students to establish an air of mutual respect in the rooms, and work on voicing issues with regards to the room in a respectful manner. This provides an excellent opportunity for students to learn how to listen to others’ concerns openly while also having theirs heard; and to then, under the guidance of an adult mentor, devise an agreement that meets each person’s needs to the extent possible. Learning how to communicate effectively, adapt, and share a common space while taking into consideration their own needs and those of others provides opportunities for life lessons and growth students would not normally get until university or beyond. It is one of the more challenging, but also more special, aspects of attending a boarding school. Our experienced dorm staff work extensively to mediate and foster positive roommate relationships.