LAS has an application process that looks at each potential student as a person rather than at academic grades alone. This helps us understand the needs of each student so they can reach their full potential once they are here.

Our dedicated staff members are available to help you with the application and visa process, if required, as this can be a long task. Dossiers must be complete before we can give a final acceptance. Where documents are missing, you must inform us when they will become available.

The LAS Admissions Office does not discriminate in its admissions policies and practices and admits qualified students of any race, color, national, ethnic origin and religion.

application procedure

Stage 1. Application form and Supporting documentation

Application formPlease submit online application or complete the paper version which can be found in our Application Booklet. It needs to be completed and signed by a parent or guardian and emailed to

School Transcripts – Transcripts or school reports should be submitted for the last 3 academic years. Progress reports for the current year of studies should also be included as soon as they become available. (Note: All non-English transcripts must be officially translated and submitted in English.)

Application Fee – There is a CHF 1,500 non-refundable application fee, payable when the Application Form is submitted. This can be paid in cash, by credit card via paypal form, online or bank transfer.

Passport – A copy of the applicant’s passport should be submitted, including pages indicating the passport number, expiration date and place of issue. If the student has dual nationality, please send a copy of the primary passport used for travel and visa purposes. Please make sure that the passport is valid for at least 6 months after the end of the academic year.

Passport-style Photo – One digitally scanned passport-style photograph should be included.

Student Questionnaire – Must be hand-written independently by the applicant in English.

Essay – Must be handwritten independently by the applicant in English.

Recommendations – Completed by Math and English teachers and a school counselor/ administrator or other teacher. If for any reason it is not possible to obtain one or more of these recommendations, please contact our Admissions Of ce. (Recommendation forms can also be found online at


Stage 2. Campus Visit, Personal Interview and Entrance Test

Visit – Applicants are invited to spend a day on campus to familiarize themselves with the school, meet the Admissions Team, be interviewed and sit assessment tests.

Interview – An interview with a member of the Admissions Team is required. It can be performed on or off campus, via Skype or telephone.

Entrance Test – A Math test must be taken before any decision can be made as well as an English-as-a-Second Language test for non-native speakers. An English Proficiency Test such as the IELTS or TOEFL will also be accepted.

Stage 3. Candidate Evaluation and Acceptance

Applications are assessed by the Admissions Committee before a nal acceptance decision is made. Decisions will be conveyed to applicants within ten working days of receipt of a fully completed le, including test results and interview comments. Accepted students will receive the following documents in their acceptance package, electronically and/or by courier/postal services:

1. Acceptance Letter
2. Acceptance Agreement
3. Tuition Invoice
4. Visa Information (if necessary)
5. Enrollment Forms (to be returned to LAS)
6. LAS Student Handbook

Stage 4. Enrollment

In order to guarantee a student’s place at LAS the payment of a security deposit is required within 10 business days following the acceptance date. The enrollment process is complete when the Admissions Office receives all required paperwork stated above.

Please click the button below to apply online in English.

Before you begin the LAS application, please obtain the following documents to upload:

  • ID photo
  • Passport copy
  • Academic transcripts from the past 3 years

recommender information

Leysin American School is an academically challenging International/American boarding school in Switzerland. A full and candid report from the teacher is essential if the student is to be given fair consideration. We, therefore, ask for careful ratings of, and comments about, his/her character and ability by a school official who knows the student well. An incomplete recommendation may hinder the student’s chances for admission. Please fill out the below form to receive or send the link via email to the online recommendation.